To download and install Microsoft Office setup, please visit To know more about MS Office, you can visit this link. - Enter Product Key -

If you want to download Microsoft Office, you can visit the official website of Microsoft. Firstly, you have to create a Microsoft account through If you are a fresher and you have no idea about creation, then here are the complete steps to make an account, download, and install the MS Office.

The process to Create Microsoft Office Setup Account

To create the Microsoft Office setup account, follow these on-screen steps provided below:

1.      You should invoke the favorite web browser on your system.

2.      Go to the address bar and ‘’ in it and hit the Enter key.

3.      Once you get the sign-on screen, select the ‘Sign Up’ option.

4.      After that, provide each required detail like name, email ID, and DOB.

5.      Navigate to the Submit button and select it.

6.      You will be requested to create a user account and set the password to protect your data required information.

7.      You should select the 'Microsoft product' option and click on the Microsoft type you wish to pick for your device.

8.      Then select the Continue tab.

9.      Later, follow the instructions that appeared on your screen.

10.Lastly, the MS account has been created successfully.

The process to Redeem and Microsoft Office Setup File

To redeem and Microsoft Office setup file, follow these on-screen steps provided below:

1.      First of all, go to the Microsoft Official website on the PC using your browser.

2.      As soon as you reach the official website, sign in to the account. Or else, make the account as you prefer.

3.      Thereafter, reach the homepage and redeem the activation key through the steps available there.

4.      After redeeming the activation key, locate and choose the option that checks my products through the upper side menu.

5.      You should select the favorite item to download on your device. We will be suggesting you to download MS Office whether you are a particular or home user for a great experience.

6.      Later, click on the Download button to begin the downloading procedure as soon as you get on the downloading screen.

7.      Finally, you have to wait to finish the downloading process.

Process to Install the Microsoft Office Setup File

To install the Microsoft Office setup file, follow these on-screen steps provided below:

1.      First and foremost, launch the setup file that you downloaded from

2.      After that, select the Yes button to proceed to the installation wizard and check further instructions.

3.      Once you read the license agreements, move downside and select the "I agree" button.

4.      You should click on the Next button at the wizard’s lower side.

5.      Later, check all the settings and select the Install option.

6.      You have to wait to complete the installation process.

7.      Finally, turn off the device and turn it on again.

Process to Activate the Microsoft Office Account

To activate the Microsoft Office account, follow these on-screen steps provided below:

1.      Firstly, invoke the MS Office app on the system. You can use any MS Office app to activate the software.

2.      Then launch the app, you will get a welcome note on your screen.

3.      After that, admit it and proceed with the app.

4.      You will get a prompt over the screen which requests you to activate the MS Office tool. Make sure that it will only show whether you are utilizing the inactive Office over the device. It will not show whether you are utilizing the pre-activated version.

5.      Then hit the Activate button situated on it.

6.      It will reach you to the official Microsoft Office website:

7.      This will request you to confirm the subscription plan.

8.      Now, you have finalized the activation procedure too.

9.      Once you have done so, you can delete the setup file of Office from the device.


Q3. What are the reasons for the success of Microsoft?

Ans. Microsoft has developed web browsers, Windows, Office, and many other apps. It was the first software company that once reached $1 billion in revenues. All this makes Microsoft famous.

Q4. What is OneDrive on Microsoft Office?

Ans. OneDrive is a cloud-based file storage service given by Microsoft. Those utilizing MS Office can take benefit of it. Office 365 users can save their files and data on OneDrive.